Facebook brings Lolapps back online since recent privacy breach


Lolapps, creator of recent hits such as Critter Island and Champions Online for Facebook, is finally back online on Facebook after being shut down by the social network Friday, Oct. 18, according to Information Week. The company reportedly provided its players' information to independent advertising data firms, which goes against Facebook policy.

In a blog post made Saturday, Mike Vernal of the Facebook Engineering Team said, "We take strong measures to enforce this policy, including suspending and disabling applications that violate it." However, what Facebook is doing to fix the issue within other companies such as the infamous Zynga much less reprimand them has yet to be seen.

Lolapps CEO Arjun Sethi claimed in a blog post that the issue was due to how web browsers work and was not intentional. However, he did issue a formal apology that said, "Since Lolapps was founded in 2008, we have always been committed to Facebook's platform policies and will continue to be as we grow. The entire team here wants our 150 million users to know that we are sorry they had to go without their favorite Lolapps games and applications." An official response by Zynga in light of the investigation hasn't yet been made, but sit tight.

Is this a sign that Facebook will enforce its policies on privacy more harshly? Do you think what Facebook did was enough to handle Lolapps? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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