Cafe World's Special Delivery promises to give us what we need

Cafe World Special Delivery Tesla Coil
Cafe World Special Delivery on gifts pageSpecial Delivery is an item first introduced in FarmVille that allowed players to send one all-purpose gift that instantly gave their friends whatever item they needed for their farms. Because FarmVille is so riddled with side projects, Special Delivery became a mighty useful feature. (It's like sending your friend a gift card instead of an actual gift, but no one minded because it beat asking other players for what they needed and nagging them about what you want.)

Now, Zynga has introduced Special Delivery into Cafe World, but instead of making it a randomly available gift and/or a Facebook Wall Post request, Special Delivery is presented right on the Cafe World gifts page. When this feature does what it's suppose to, it's like the gift that keeps on giving, and does wonders for your ability to gather materials. But if and when it doesn't, you could get swamped by gifts you don't want or need (something that's happened to plenty of disgruntled FarmVille players).
Cafe World Special Delivery Red Burrito
As for myself, I gave it a test spin and my first try confirmed my worst fear -- Special Delivery gave me a free serving of Red Burritos (because that is so not what Special Delivery is supposed to do)! But then I had a second box sent to me, and that granted me a Tesla Coil part, which was exactly what I need for my Lightning Super Stove... so you be the judge. Depending on what parts you need, your experience will surely vary.
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