Drunk Biking, and Other Signs of Booming Bicycle Industry

Drunk bicycling has become a growing problem as more health conscious and frugal workers bike to work. Commuting by bicycle is up 43 percent since 2000, reports Anneli Rufus in The Daily Beast.

On the road are about 3.8 million bicycle commuters and, overall, about 451 bicycles. Eventually, the law will catch up with bikers who threaten the public safety. Yes, more and more will be receiving BUIs. That will create jobs for lawyers. It will also bring in revenue for budget-challenged communities.

But what's already happening is a growth in work opportunities in the bicycles. In fact, this industry even has its own website, BicycleIndustryJobs.com, which provides a weekly listing of jobs. Those jobs include retail store management, overseeing warehouse inventory control, repair, selling, designing and manufacturing the bikes, special events, training for marathons, and conducting tours, especially in terrains that are tough to navigate.

There is money in some of these opportunities. For instance, urban manufacturer Traiter Cycles charges around $1,000 for a top-of-the-line commuter bicycle. As the baby boomers and even Generation X ages, they could continue to accelerate demand for bicycles. Meanwhile hog manufacturer Harley Davidson has been feeling this shift in a sales decline. The company said its efforts to reach beyond its traditional markets such as rebellious Baby Boomers are beginning to pay off.

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