Best syrup? We rank the house brands

Money College syrup test
Money College syrup test

Fries and ketchup. Peanut butter and jelly. Chips and dip. Some foods simply taste better when paired with the perfect partner.

And that's definitely the case for waffles. Back in July, Store Brand Scorecard sampled Eggo buttermilk waffles and three frozen store brand varieties, to determine which waffle had the winning combination of good taste and nice price. In the end, Aldi won the battle.

But we recognize Money College readers that as tight as your budget may be, you still want good food. Plain waffles, even Aldi's, are, well, plain. But pair waffles with its perfect partner -- syrup -- and you've got a breakfast worth savoring. Store Brand Scorecard sampled Mrs. Butterworth's and three store brand versions of original syrup (including Aldi's), to give a complete recommendation for a completely valuable breakfast. All items were purchased Oct. 9 in the Chicago area. Prices are subject to change.