American Idol creator buys The Price is Right developer, Facebook game show wars ensue

The Price is Right
FremantleMedia, a British media company behind hit reality TV series like American Idol and X Factor, has taken 80 percent ownership of Ludia, Digital Spy reported. The Canadian studio behind the recent Facebook hit The Price is Right, Ludia is another vital step to FremantleMedia's plans to "broaden and diversify" into other entertainment platforms than TV.

Ludia isn't new to FremantleMedia, however; the studio has made several Wii, PC and mobile games using the company's properties like Family Feud and, of course, The Price is Right. Apparently, the buyout won't change much as Ludia president Alex Thabet will still be running the show, according to FremantleMedia.

What's most important, however, is how Game Show Network (GSN) might respond to Ludia's new found wealth and resources. With two big time TV networks now officially in the social games industry, some serious competition is about to heat up. If the current match up seems to be The Price is Right vs. Wheel of Fortune, what could come next? American Idol vs. Deal or No Deal? Only if we can do the judging.

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