What's Hot on HousingWatch This Week

You were riveted this week by the story of some bold house squatters and a karmic payback to Sandra Bullock's ex. Maybe we could get our top two stories together, and the displaced Earl family could simply move into Jesse James' vacant condo?... Nah.

See what else was hot on HousingWatch this week:

1. Evicted Family Breaks Into Foreclosed Home
One California family has decided to take their foreclosure lying down -- in their former home. The family of 11 busted the locks on the house they were evicted from earlier this year, and moved back in to squat in the house that recently sold for $800,000. Read more.

2. Sandra Bullock's Ex James in Can't-Sell Hell
Motorcycle customizer (and recent ex of Sandra Bullock) Jesse James is trying to unload his California condo with a staging style as cheap-looking as former lover Michelle McGee: loud and overly patterned. See the tragically tacky animal-print blankets serving as slipcovers when you read more.

3. Halt Foreclosures, Say States; White House Says Wait
All those hapless homeowners who cried foul when their properties were foreclosed on in the last year? Turns out they might have been onto something, and the attorneys general of as many as 40 states are finally doing something about it. But will their actions harm the still-fragile market recovery? Read more.

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4. Justin Timberlake Real Estate Deals Out of Sync
Pop star and "Social Network" actor Justin Timberlake wants to say "Bye bye bye" to his Tribeca loft because of privacy concerns, enough so that he's not even waiting around for a buyer for the $5.25 million property -- he's already spent more than that on new digs just a few minutes away. See where when you read more.

5. Harry Reid Fumes Over Foreclosure Scandal
Nevada Senator Harry Reid jumped into the foreclosure fray this week, calling for banks in his home state to put the brakes on foreclosures until regulations are tightened to ensure that borrowers aren't being wrongly evicted. Read more.

6. Apple Gives Homeowners Deal of a Lifetime
How do you make a $1,694,000 profit on a home sale? Hope that Apple moves in next door! See the unbelievable story of a North Carolina couple who struck while the iron was hot and cashed out of their one-acre property with enough dough to carry them into retirement. Now how 'bout them apples?! Read more.

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