The 20 Worst Bosses on TV

In honor of National Bosses Day, AOL thought it would be fun to look at the TV bosses we love to hate or love to laugh at. Maybe these characters are an exaggeration of someone you once worked for or maybe they are right on the money. Here's our top 20.

Ari Gold, Entourage

Occupation: Hollywood agent
Bad boss characteristics: demands the impossible, power-hungry

Amanda Woodward, Melrose Place

Occupation:Public relations executive
Bad boss characteristics: tormentor, blackmailer, and boyfriend stealer

Michael Scott, The Office

Occupation:Regional manager, paper distribution company
Bad boss characteristics: scapegoats employees to cover himself, tries too hard to be friends with employees

J. Peterman, Seinfeld

Occupation: Founder, retail company
Bad boss characteristics: eccentric, poor judgment

Tony Soprano, The Sopranos

Occupation: Mafia boss
Bad boss characteristics: kills people who don't do what he says

Charles Montgomery Burns, The Simpsons

Occupation: Owner, nuclear power plant
Bad boss characteristics: greedy, brainstorms diabolical plots, doesn't care about the safety of his employees

Gordon Ramsay, Hell's Kitchen

Occupation: Chef
Bad boss characteristics: yells a lot, condescending, extremely critical

Charlie Townsend, Charlie's Angels

Occupation: Owner, private investigator agency
Bad boss characteristics: He's never at work and his practice of only hiring pretty woman is questionable

Cosmo Spacely, The Jetsons

Occupation: Owner, Spacely Space Sprockets
Bad boss characteristics: constantly threatening to fire George Jetson for poor performance, always yelling

Larry Tate, Bewitched

Occupation: Executive, advertising agency
Bad boss characteristics: cheap, promises things he can't deliver

Jan Levinson, The Office

Occupation: Executive, paper distribution company
Bad boss characteristics: erratic behavior, poor judgment, abuses power, has flings with subordinates

Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock

Occupation: TV network executive
Bad boss characteristics: controlling and interfering

Mel Sharples, Alice

Occupation:Short order cook
Bad boss characteristics: grouchy

Nigel Wick, The Drew Carey Show

Occupation:Human resource manager, department store
Bad boss characteristics: rude, offensive, and a drug addict

Reuben Kincaid, The Partridge Family

Occupation: Talent manager
Bad boss characteristics: harried, uptight, frequently takes direction from a 10-year old.

Louie DePalma, Taxi

Occupation: Head dispatcher, cab company
Bad boss characteristics: insulting, takes advantage of people, has no morals

Eugene Krabs, Spongebob Squarepants

Occupation:Owner, fast food establishment
Bad boss characteristics: cheap, greedy, selfish, complete disregard for employees' safety

George Steinbrenner, Seinfeld

Occupation: Owner, New York Yankees
Bad boss characteristics: arrogant, rambling, out of touch

Bob Kelso, Scrubs

Occupation: Chief of Medicine
Bad boss characteristics: cold, heartless, and cruel; cares more about the hospital's bottom line than the well-being of patients

Wilhelmina Slater, Ugly Betty

Occupation: Magazine editor-in-chief
Bad boss characteristics: will sabotage, manipulate, or seduce to get her way and climb the corporate ladder

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