Target Taking on Walmart, Hiring for Holidays

Target, the retail chain with the bright red logo, has been taking on Walmart -- and succeeding. That means both jobs and career opportunities for you at Target.

For example, Target has already entered urban areas like Chicago and Harlem, which Wal-Mart is just considering trying to do in the next few years. Also, Target, unlike Wal-Mart, went the extra step to create an "experience" for shoppers when they come into the store. Wal-Mart has retained its no-frills approach to the model for its stores.

Yes, Target is hiring for the holidays. In the San Diego metro region alone Target, along with Home Depot, will likely hire 4,200 to 5,200 temporary workers. What Target says it's looking for in its hires is ability to be flexible about scheduling hours as well as a positive attitude. Given its success, Target stores also frequently have help wanted signs on windows during all four seasons.

For those interested in working in retail, Target provides a different approach than does Wal-Mart. You might talk to employees at both chains and figure out where you'd be the best fit. If you are interested in part time, Target provides health benefits after three months.

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