Sheraton and Westin Guestrooms to Get a Redo

Starwood Hotels & Resorts says it's time for a guestroom redo for its two larger brands and is going with eco-friendly for Westin and classical-revival with Sheraton.

The new Westin rooms use neutral colors, natural woods and stone to "evoke a sense of balance" and wellness. The Sheraton rooms go for "occasion and heritage" and use rich color palettes.

All that is fine and dandy, but Starwood's in-house design team also looked at "extensive in-room behavior research" and traveler pet peeves, and found what customers really want is functionality.

So the Westin design has an accent table that folds out to fit a room service tray or laptop and folds back so it doesn't otherwise take up room. The new Westin closet has both shelves and is the new location for the minibar – a move that frees up valuable room space, the designers say.

Custom Sheraton bedside tables in the new rooms have built-in outlets that face beds so you can actually charge your cell phone without moving furniture. Plus the rooms get the addition of LED nightlights so guests don't bump into things in the dark.

The two new Westin room designs, Westin Classic (Art Deco inspired) and Westin Modern (trendy) represent a 60% growth in sustainability, using eco friendly materials, LED lighting, low-flow water and recycled materials, Starwood says.

Sheraton's two new room designs, Sheraton Revival and Sheraton Heritage, pay homage to the brand's 75-year history – but also have eco-friendly features too such as low-flow plumbing.

The new rooms will be featured in new hotels and renovation projects globally, across both brands.

Among the first hotels to debut the new designs will be the Westin Phoenix, scheduled to open in February, and Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center, completing renovations in early 2011.

Top Photo, Sheraton, Barkow; Photo, Westin
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