No need to take clothes off in Macy's Magic Fitting Room

two young women in a dressing room
two young women in a dressing room

Touch screen mirror on the wall, what looks best on me for Fall? At Macy's Herald Square store in New York, there is a new miracle on 34th Street: the Magic Fitting Room, a temporary, Jetson's-style space that allows shoppers to "virtually" try on clothes without messing up their hair.

Equipped with a large, 72-inch digital mirror boasting 1,024 touch points and connected to an iPad, the Magic Fitting Room encourages fashionistas to scroll through the store's latest looks and "flick" the pieces they'd like to try on. Voila! The virtual clothes are transposed over the shopper's reflection in the mirror. Need a different size? Don't grow old waiting for a sales associate, 'flick" again and the image will be resized to suit your shape. Sort of an E-ticket ride for the style set.

Imagine a world without a glut of dressing room hangers? Or eliminating the need to gather items sherpa style throughout the store only to be forced to count them and discard a few before being granted a place to try them on? Nirvana!