More FarmVille Halloween items sneak into the game

FarmVille Halloween
FarmVille Halloween

FarmVille has been updated tonight, and the shop is now featuring a few more Halloween items to add to the existing items with a spooky theme. What a surprise for your Thursday night! Of course, we already have a list of the new items for you so you can decide if you want to buy these Halloween items before they leave the game when the season is over. Without further ado, here are the new Halloween items!

Caramel Apple Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Count Duckula - 14 Farm Cash
Candy Corn Home - 38 Farm Cash
Pumpkin Tower - 18 Farm Cash
Giant Spider Web - 8 Farm Cash
Spooky Bush - 4 Farm Cash
Witch Scarecrow - 80,000 coins
Cat-O'-Lantern - 40,000 coins
Plant Monster - 30,000 coins

Right now, many players are reporting that the game is getting stuck at 98% and will not allow them into the game. We do not have screenshots of the new items for this reason. A few players have reported that they were able to get in to the game just fine, but the forums are filled with posts from angry FarmVille players who want their farm.

What other Halloween items should FarmVille release? Let us know in the comments!

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