English Majors: Got Jobs, Happier than Marketing/Economics Majors

English majors, you tend to beat yourselves up.

Ever since business became the prestige degree and even more often in hard times, you English majors tend to tell yourselves:

I shoulda majored in something more practical.

I coulda been a contenda with a business degree.

Hey, no one cares about Shakespeare's history plays.

Those are all myths, documents Edward Tanner, founding advisor of the Smithsonian. English majors not only get employment in diverse fields, including business and technical areas, but also, according to a PayScale survey, are happier than those who majored in marketing and economics, reports The Wall Street Journal.

There's more. The industries English majors tend to gravitate to, such as advertising public relations and writing, are bouncing back. For example, a survey by the Council of Public Relations Firms found that 65 percent of those interviewed had higher revenues for the first quarter of this year than last year. Those of you who get to executive positions in corporate communications or agency public relations can earn more than $300,000 annually. There may even be stock options.

Success in these solid employment areas for English majors requires expertise in social media. That includes being able to operate the software, be it PhotoShop or the organization's custom-made content management system. In fact, most employers won't look at you unless you have experience with social networking strategies and tools. If you don't have that expertise already, pick it up by doing free assignments for small business and non profits. That will provide you with case studies, a portfolio of samples, and references.

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