Discount perfume and cosmetic deals that really stink

Stinky perfume deals.Looking for a great discount deal on perfume and cosmetics? We'll give you a few "deal" sites that have a developed reputations that might leave you holding your nose instead of a bottle of Chanel.

Thanks to Consumer Ally partner, here is a list of the lowest-rated, most complained about sites that tempt consumers to spend money on their perfumes and cosmetics.

  • has consumers complaining about getting counterfeit goods, being lied to by customer service and a variety of other solid signs of illegitimacy. A recent check found the site to be down and registered not in the United Kingdom as many consumers thought, but in Bulgaria.
  • really has consumers irked. SiteJabber users complain of sending money and getting no products in return, and then being ignored when they complained. "They will not return any of my calls or e-mails still," one frustrated reviewer wrote. "I am reluctantly giving up. I want everyone to know what kind of website this is. I would not recommend this site to your worst enemy. Buyer beware." Similarly, this site was down on a recent check. It is registered in Hong Kong.
  • says it will match any scent. But consumers don't have much good to say about this service. This site actually does appear to be based in the U.S., but no consolation. It has an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau for its pattern of ignoring consumer complaints.
  • is another site that generates a lot of complaints about customer service. It has a private domain registration -- hiding its actual owners from view. That's never a good sign for a business. It is in the U.S., apparently on Long Island in New York, and also earns an "F" from the BBB.
  • like many questionable sites looks good, but SiteJabber users paint an ugly picture. "Dreadful company. I have never received my perfume," one reviewer wrote. "They don't answer the phone or respond to emails. How can these people still be in business!!!"
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