Customer Service Job Description

Customer service is a tough industry to work in, but with the right skills you can be successful and reap the awards of helping clients.

Every company has customer service representatives to assist clients with anything they need and to maintain the company's good image. The values set out by the company are mostly fulfilled by the customer service department, since they are the face of the business to every client.

Stepping into a customer service job can have great rewards, whether they be monetary compensation from good performance or satisfaction from helping a customer in need. The job requires patience and a thick skin, but if you have what it takes, here's what you can expect from the job:

Scripted responses

Customer service representatives may be given "scripts" or approved responses to frequently asked questions or common concerns. It is always the customer service representative's responsibility to remember how the company wants them to respond in every situation and what is the best way to handle every client.

Team work

To deliver the best customer service, the entire company has to work together as a team. From the managers to the representatives, if there is a positive attitude among the team it will spill over to the interactions you have with the customers. Clients can tell if company employees are working with one another or against one another.

Unorthodox schedule

Customer service is usually extended to clients past normal business hours. Depending on how the company operates its work shifts, customer service representatives may have unorthodox schedules including long hours and weekends. The ability to work nights and weekends thought means more flexibility in your schedule when personal issues arise.

Problem solving

The first step in delivering top customer service is the ability to problem solve. From customer complaints to issues with billing, representatives work through every situation until they can find the best solution that will satisfy both the client and the company. Problem solving skills improve with experience, but working with veteran customer service representatives will help.


Customer service representatives are constantly being trained by managers, executives and other workers. Representatives can best serve the client when they are on top of company procedures and products, so training classes are always offered. Be sure to jump at any opportunity to learn more about the job and the company in order to succeed in customer service.

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