Child bath kits keep exploding; CPSC issues warning after injuries mount

Beware the exploding bath kitNearly two years after hundreds of thousands of bath kits were recalled because they could explode, the government is warning consumers anew after more than a dozen more injuries were recorded from these soaps gone wild.

The kit, made for kids, has had the unintended consequence of gases being built up in the cute little purple containers that store the bath concoctions, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said.
Spa Factory Aromatherapy Fountain & Bath Benefits Kits, imported from China by JAKKS Pacific, were first recalled in January 2009 after 88 incidents were reported, including 13 children injured. Since then, another 13 injuries were reported to both kids and adults, the CPSC said, and now the incidents total 100.

Carbon dioxide in the jars that have bath bombs or balls or bath "fizzies" can cause the caps to blow off. The soap also contains citric acid, which can blow into someone's eyes in the explosion, the CPSC said. Injuries reported include bruises, cuts and eye damage.

The CPSC typically will re-issue a recall when it is clear the product remains in homes and problems stemming from the defects are continuing. This has been most common with children's products, particularly crib and play yard recalls -- mainly because of the wide distribution of the products, their durability and the consequences of the safety issues.

"...When we see a case where children are getting hurt after a recall has been announced, we believe that we need to speak up again and urge families to heed our warning," the CPSC said in a blog post.

The solution to the problem is venting the caps. But even kits sold through December 2009 still had unvented tops, the CPSC said.

If you have the purple caps without holes, call JAKKS at (877) 875-2557 to get a new set of the properly vented caps and throw away the old ones.

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