Zynga Lotto shuts down, says 'Sorry!' to players

Zynga Lotto is closing soon!
Something strange is going on at Zynga Lotto, because last week, Zynga warned players that the current zlotto prize collections were going to be dropped from the store. For folks who didn't complete their sets, this news sucked, but it was also exciting, because we thought this meant that Zynga will add new prizes soon.

On top of that, Zynga used Zynga Lotto to reveal a new fall game by making exclusive access to the game as the zlotto grand prize. But this revelation came without any fanfare, the 'keys' you needed to win access were a no-brainer to get, and once you collected all three, you simply got an on-screen message that said they'll get back to you with an email once they were ready.

Yesterday, players noticed they could no longer ask or send for tickets. If you try, you get the announcement that "zLotto is closing soon!" It seems that all the signs of Zynga Lotto blossoming into something bigger and more fun might've simply been the site's way of going through its death throes.
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