Zoo World: Buildable Haunted House unlocks Halloween festivities

Zoo World Haunted House
Zoo World Haunted House

Zoo World is not going to be left behind with all of the Halloween fun going on in the Facebook gaming world. RockYou! are always on top of new themes for their massively popular zookeeper game. If you log in to the game, you'll see a popup that will tell you about the new buildable Haunted House and will take you to the store to purchase it. First, you need to buy the base at a cost of $1,000 Zoo Dollars. Once you buy the base, place it anywhere on your zoo (that is, if you can find a spot in which it will fit - it's pretty large!) and click on it to start asking friends to send you materials.

The process for building your Haunted House should be fairly straightforward if you play many Facebook games. You need to collect 5 each of Cracked Shingles, Broken Windows, and Cobwebs. To get these items, your friends will have to send them to you as gifts. Once you have finished one Haunted House, you can start another if you'd like! If you're having troubles finishing it, you can either buy the entire Haunted House for 20 Wildlife Points, or each material individually for 1-2 Wildlife Points each.

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