Walmart Coming to a City Near You: 95 New Jobs Per Store

walmartWalmart is moving to the big city -- after being forever in the suburbs.

The Walmart move is geared to gain back customers lost to urban retailers like dollar stores and bodegas. A pilot program that will focus on groceries, reports The Wall Street Journal, will be tried out over the next few years. Then there could be a full-scale launch.

Each urban store, less than a third the size of its traditional supercenters, will need about 95 workers. Since Walmart pays significantly higher than the minimum wage, this could be the shot in the arm urban areas need. It could also lessen chronic unemployment. Although Walmart has gotten itself ensnared in some nasty employment lawsuits, essentially it has functioned as sort of a retail version of the auto industry that created solid employment for those who otherwise wouldn't have had a shot at it.

Recently, Walmart introduced a new educational benefit for employees. Associates can earn a college degree at a discounted price, reports Kathleen Koster in EBN, "through a combination of academic credit awarded for Walmart job learning and experience, and online course work through APU [American Public University.]"

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