Treasure Isle Pirates vs. Ninjas feature promises 'The battle of the universe'

Treasure Isle Pirates vs Ninjas
Treasure Isle Pirates vs Ninjas

Considering Treasure Isle revolves around buried treasure and recently mysterious Asian islands, you'd think Zynga would have had this covered ages ago, but nay. The time has come for Treasure Isle to present the ultimate battlefield for the Internet's two most prized, bad ass character archetypes: pirates and ninjas.

In a forum update with scant details, it was announced that something relevant to the ongoing battle will soon make its way into Treasure Isle. While it's possible that this might only become the usual pop culture nod in a decoration set, we hope it turns out to be more than merely animated monkeys fighting each other for some unreasonable amount of Island Cash. Stay tuned here for details on whether this feature will live up to as much hype as "The battle of the universe."

What could this mysterious feature be? What would you want to see in a Treasure Isle-style pirates and ninjas battle? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.

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