Social Security Not Increasing Again This Year

social securitySocial security isn't being increased. That's for a second year in a row. The reason given is that the economy isn't growing fast enough.

For you that might feel like coal in your stocking this holiday season. So, what can you do to supplement what's coming in?

The temporary jobs industry is exploding in demand for workers of all ages, with or without skills. Those opportunities range from waving a sign to developing software. To get a feel for what's going, make an appointment for an information interview with a few of the temporary agencies in your area. Determine which ones to visit by checking out their websites. The tone and content will scream if you are the kind of worker they hire.

Another money maker is simply creating word of mouth on all your social networks, including where you live, that you do certain kinds of work. Be specific as in: I do odd jobs, be it driving you to the dentist, waiting for the delivery truck, walking the dog, or spending a few hours a day as companion to a shut-in.

A third is to put together a small business you operate part-time. That could be custom making greeting cards or selling your own and everyone else's stuff on eBay.

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