Video Game Roundup: NBA 2K11, Dead Rising 2, Power A


This edition of the video game roundup has the greatest basketball player of all time, the greatest zombie slayer of our age, and the greatest mini Wii controller in the history of games. Hmm, I may be overly enthusiastic, but it's video games!

NBA 2K11
MSRP $59.99 on Xbox 360
Also available on PS3 and PC

As a Knicks fan, this is painful to admit. Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player of all time. There, I said it. #23 mastered the game with all the grace and strength the NBA has ever seen, and today's superstars will never compare. That's why a game like NBA 2K11 is a great nostalgia trip, with Jordan featured heavily in the game, and his inclusion alone makes this a basketball classic.