Madden NFL Superstars Bonus Cards: Find gameplay boosts in every Card Pack

Madden NFL Superstars Bonus Cards
Playfish announced today that you can now find Bonus Cards in purchased player Card Packs from Madden NFL Superstars. In addition to a collection of players in each pack, you'll now find bonuses to Game Tickets, Contract Cards, Practice Points and Game Changers at random.

It's unsure right now how many bonuses can be found within one pack, but we imagine the bonuses to be better within more expensive Card Packs. For example, a Game Ticket Bonus Card will probably offer more Game Tickets if found in an Ultimate Card Pack as opposed to a Bronze. Thankfully, Card Packs can be bought with coins as well as Playfish Cash, so everyone has access to these new bonuses. Well, that is if you have the coins. If not, then you better start putting that team to the gridiron if you want a shot at these gameplay bonuses.

What Bonus Cards have you found in your Card Packs? Have you found more than one in a single pack? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.
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