Hotel City gets ready for its first Halloween with new location and decor

Hotel City gets ready for Halloween
Hotel City Halloween Ground DecorationsIt's hard to believe that Playfish's Hotel City is less than a year old (it launched in March), so this will be its first time trick-or-treating players with new Halloween goods.

Let's see what the game has lined up... for starters, the Locations feature has been updated with "Creepy Valley", a chilling, full moon background that will also allow you to purchase the Dracula room (costs 60,000 coins, grants 195 coins per hour) when unlocked. Unlocking the background requires you to collect the following: 3 Broadway Theater Tickets (found in lobbies), 4 Silver skulls (found on gifts page), and 4 Vampire grills (also on gifts page).

The Haunted Carriage (costs 75,000 coins, grants 240 coins per hour) looks like an outdoors decor piece, but it's actually sold at the in-game store under "Commercial rooms". For actual outdoors decor, there's four new pieces in "Ground decorations" -- Vagabond ghost (3 Playfish Cash), Witch tree (4 PFC), Happy Jack 'O' lantern (5 PFC), and Talking door (10,000 coins).

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