FrontierVille Tailor Shop Collection: Gather every button for extra cloth and coin

Tailor Shop Collection
Tailor Shop Collection

With every new building in FrontierVille comes a new collection to, well, collect. This time around in the Tailor Shop Collection, you'll be tasked with finding five different colored buttons: Yellow, Red, Purple, Green and Blue. As per usual, these will randomly drop for you when you collect the building's Daily Bonus.

Your reward, a measly three Cloth and 100 coins. I mean, it couldn't be five Cloth or maybe some more cash? Oh well, I guess that's what you get for finding buttons as opposed to chopping down trees or scaring away bears.

[Source: FrontierVille Info]

What do you think of the new Tailor Shop Collection bonus? Is it right on target for the lack of work involved or should it reward more coins or Cloth? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.