FrontierVille Horse and Mule changes coming Oct. 18

frontierville horses and mules change
frontierville horses and mules change

Got some bad news for FrontierVille folks -- horses and mules will no longer drop as much energy when you feed them, starting on October 18. There's no real explanation as to why the energy drops will decrease other than the fact that these farm animals are "tired." Wha?!!

We'll try to get down to the bottom of this strange announcement, but in the meantime, if this news doesn't have you galloping with joy, you will be able to sell your horses and mules for 1 Horseshoe each for a limited time.

Update (10/15):
From FrontierVille Community Manager MaiLau says the following:

"Harvest times are not being changed. When you harvest these animals in the future, they will not always give energy as a reward.

We understand that this will not be a popular change which is why we are offering the temporary Horseshoe sell-back price instead of just making the change without altering the sell-back price. We are also not removing all of the extra energy that may have been accumulated through the harvesting of horses over time."

There's still no real explanation as to why horses and mules will drop less energy nor why both of these animals have mysteriously disappeared from the in-game Market. I can only guess that they have other plans for these two animals (like a new serious of missions?) or are attempting to balance the game in some form or fashion.

That, understandably, has not quieted angry frontier-folk, namely those who paid 4 Horseshoes for Horses and Mules and don't like the fact that they're getting 1 Horseshoe for selling 'em back.

Why do you think horses and mules will drop less energy? Any ideas? Sound off in the comments below. Add comment.