Zynga Giveaway: Win a free Zynga Laptop Bag

zynga laptop bag giveaway
Update: This contest has ended. Head to Blog.Games.com or our Facebook fanpage for more awesome giveaways.

Once again, we're kicking off the holiday season a little earlier this year by giving away a bunch of free stuff. We have all kinds of cool swag and we aim to give it all away to our readers. Everyone is eligible to get free prizes so continue reading to find out how you can enter to win.

On our previous giveaway, readers could enter to win a free FarmVille T-Shirt. Now, for our second Zynga giveaway, we have a protective Zynga laptop bag. This padded case will hold most modestly sized laptops. Emblazoned with the Zynga logo, closing with a velcro fold, and sporting a handle on the top; this case is perfect for gaming on the go. Zynga's laptop bag is a smart and convenient way to transport your precious computer safely.

Continue reading to learn how to enter.

To enter:

Step 1: Go to the Games.com Facebook fanpage (http://www.facebook.com/gamescom).

Step 2: 'Like' the fanpage so you can see Facebook game news, tips, and cheats.

Step 3: Enter the giveaway by leaving a comment on the fanpage, telling us what you love most about Halloween. Is it the costumes, the candy, the game updates, the nighttime antics? Are you dressing up in a costume this year? Let us know on the fanpage.

(My favorite part about Halloween is being in New York City. You go out and everyone on the subways and streets is in awesome costumes! As for my own costume, I'm dressing up as a Gaucho.)

After a few days, we'll randomly select a winner, message them on Facebook for their address, and send them their free prize. Sound easy enough?

Get started by heading to the Games.com fanpage to enter for a free Zynga Laptop Bag.

When you're done, check out all our Halloween 2010 Item Guide for all the latest Facebook game Halloween item updates.
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