FarmVille Halloween Baskets: Everything You Need to Know

farmville halloween basket

At long last -- Halloween Baskets have started to arrive in FarmVille, so that means angry farmers can put down their pitchforks and let the virtual trick or treating commence. (Except those of you having problems with your Halloween Basket -- feel free to form a new angry mob). Before you get started, there are a few things you should know.

First thing's first -- place your basket on your farm. You'll either be prompted that the basket is available by a pop-up window and be able to automatically set it down in your spot of choice, or it will appear in your gift box.
halloween candy gift box

You need to collect candy, you know, much like you did as a little kid. That means hoarding as much sweet loot as possible, which can be done three ways:

1. Collect it as a Free Gift from Friends
2. Collect it by visiting (and harvesting) your Haunted House and your neighbors' Haunted Houses
3. Purchase it with Farm Cash (5 Candy for 5 Farm Cash)

farmville halloween candy Free gifts page --

Also, be sure to liberally apply the old maxim, "Give and ye shall receive." In this case, that means gifting candy to friends via the Free Gifts section of the game, and you shall hopefully receive lots in return.
farmville halloween basket -

After you collect all of that sweet loot, you will be able trade it in for these six Halloween prizes:
  • Pumpkin Topiary (15 Candy)
  • Scared Ewe (30 Candy)
  • Candied Gnome (50 Candy)
  • Skele-scarecrow (70 Candy)
  • Bat Tree (120 Candy)
  • Pumpkin House (220 Candy)
halloween prizes farmville halloween basket --
Image courtesy of Duckling Pim

Once you redeem an item, you'll have the option to share one with a friend via a Facebook Wall post.

farmville halloween basket redeem item

Also, as you fill your Halloween Basket, it will start to fill up and change appearance. There are five stages total for your pumpkin, as seen below.

halloween basket five stages --

Here's how many candies you need to take your pumpking from empty to overflowing:

Eerily Empty: TBD
Ghoulishly Growing: TBD
Spookily Swelling: TBD
Terrifyingly Thriving: TBD
Frighteningly Full: TBD

halloween farmville

Did you get your Halloween Basket yet? What Halloween prizes did you/are you planning to get with your Halloween Candy? Sound off in the comments. Add comment.

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