Employers Lease Workers Like NYC Rents Zipcars -- By the Minute

minute workersNew York City is experimenting with a just-in-time mindset -- to save money.

Instead of owning 50 sedans for city workers, New York City will schedule use of 25 rental cars from Zipcar, a fresh concept in auto leasing. Workers will go to Zipcar's website and reserve the specific hours they need the cars on what days.

This mirrors the way employers are shifting from hiring full-time workers to leasing them on a just-in-time basis. For example, LiveOps provides temporary staff for call centers and pays them by the minute for the time they are actually on the phone with customers.

If you're willing to be flexible and learn how to present yourself to the growing number of temporary agencies that could hire you for assignments, you could thrive in this brave new world. Yes, you might consider yourself what I call "Minute Workers."

Flexible means not expecting to become comfortable in any one work environment.

To present yourself effectively, you first have to take a detailed inventory of the skills -- including equipment and software -- knowledge, and hands-on experience you can offer different kinds of employers. That might result in 15 separate resumes, cover letters, and interviewing styles since each should be directly targeted to a specific kind of job task. Generic gets tossed. Some Minute Workers are registering with several diverse kinds of temporary agencies.

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