Court Reporters Needed: Type 225 Words Per Minute, World at Your Fingertips

court reporterTyping 225 words per minute can get unemployed lawyers jobs as court reporters. That's the breaking news in legal media. Yeah, lawyers are that bad off.

Court reporting is expected to grow by 18 eprcent over the next eight years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And since no one is predicting that the downsizing legal industry will ever return to its golden years, lawyers might be in touch enough with reality to train for the court reporting field.

However, non-lawyers toying with court reporting as a career path will probably not encounter stiff competition from former lawyers, many of whom still have great expectations for what is next for them. A normal job? Forget it.

Since court reporting is one of those kinds of normal jobs, it doesn't require extraordinary training. Electronic court reporters can pick up what they need to know on the job. Novice voice writers can get by with less than a year's training. For formal instruction, that's available at 100 vocational schools and community colleges. The median annual salary is about $50,000. Compensation tops out at about $70,000. You can work 40 hours or be hungry for overtime, which is available.

Legal proceedings usually involve human beings in conflict. Therefore, you can also count on the work being compelling.

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