Bosses Day: How to Write a Thank You to the Boss

bosses day


Writing a thank-you note is a great way to celebrate Bosses Day. (The holiday is usually Oct. 16, but when the day falls on a Saturday, as it does this year, Bosses Day is observed on Friday, Oct. 15.) Your boss will enjoy receiving a written recognition of the day, whether your working relationship is cordially formal, casually friendly or nervously wary. And you will rest secure in the knowledge that you did the right thing by letting your boss know you appreciate him or her.

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Why write a Bosses Day thank you? The answer, simply put, is common courtesy. "The office environment functions best when employees are respectful and considerate of each other and the workplace," according to the Emily Post guide to business etiquette.

Once you've decided that a thank you is in order, the rest is pretty simple. First, choose a format that best suits the kind of relationship you have with your boss. Formal? Type a one-page letter on cream stock with a matching envelope. Friendly? Hand-write a personal note (writing a draft version first); and you might want to accompany it with a little treat, like a cupcake or small bunch of flowers. Nervously wary? Choose a thank-you greeting card with a neutral design and message -- and you may even want to ask your department co-workers to join you in signing the card. It's never wrong to give a thank-you note.

As for what you should say in a Bosses Day thank you, follow these tips:

  1. Keep it short. You're getting your message across simply by recognizing the day and saying thank you. Three to five paragraphs of two or three sentences each should suffice.
  2. Be genuine. Close your eyes, calm your mind for a moment and picture your boss standing before you. What has this human being done for you that makes you feel grateful? Keep that image and feeling in your mind as you write.
  3. Make it personal. A mundane moment at the office can sometimes provide the best example of what makes you appreciate your boss. Think of a time when you worked together to meet a tight deadline, connected over a special project or put in overtime to make a client happy -- and mention that experience and what it meant to you.
  4. Remember the basics. Structure your message as follows: Start by greeting your boss by name, state your basic thank-you message for your boss's leadership, explain a bit more about why your boss is important to you, say thank you again to underline your appreciation, then end with a closer such as "Kind regards" or "Respectfully yours" and sign your name.
  5. Re-read what you've written and make any necessary edits. Check your spelling and grammar, too. A well-written thank you will remind your boss of just how smart and effective you are.

Finally, please don't say thank you in an e-mail! Sure, you're a busy person and so is your boss. That's why showing you care by taking the extra step of putting your thoughts down on paper will be so appreciated.

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