Bed Bug Industry: Taking Bite Out of Unemployment

bed bugsThe bed bug industry is exploding in job growth, both for humans and dogs. With bed bugs taking up residence in classy hotels like the Waldorf Astoria and swanky office like Google's Ninth Avenue offices in Manhattan, those wanting to get rid of them aren't likely to argue about fees.

In 2006, revenues for just the extermination part of the bed bug industry were at $98 million. Last year they reached $258 million. For 2010, my hunch is they will come close to a billion dollars. But extermination is just a piece of the business.

Dogs trained to sniff out bed bugs bill up to $200 an hour, reports Jennifer Alsever on Interceptors to trap bed bugs before they can get into bed with you run $22 a pop.

There are also all kinds of work situations, ranging from newsletter producer to lecturer, for those who acquire expertise on prevention. Public relations experts are needed post-infestation to restore trust in the brand. In addition, customer relations personnel are in demand in retail to listen to shoppers who fear bringing home bed bugs.There's also a growing market for comedy about these illegal immigrants who have the upper hand.

One more opportunity: making bed bug Halloween costumes.

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