Bank of America Hiring 1000: Other Banks Could Follow

bank of americaBank of America is making a move into the small business banking niche, although it's not the usual sandbox Big Banking plays in.

When that expansion of the Bank of America brand is completed, it will have 1000 new small business bankers. There's more. Loans will become more available for entrepreneurs who had been shut out of the credit market since the downturn began.

The roll out will begin this year in Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington D.C., and Baltimore. Small business banking involves knowing the community and being well connected in it. That means if you are based in those areas and have some experience in financial services you should start digging for information about the job descriptions, who to contact, and how to present yourself. Be persistent.

When one giant in an industry adopts a new strategy, others are bound to follow. That's the lemming factor in business. Therefore, expect to hear more about other major banks hiring for the small business category.

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