Anjelica Huston Hawks 'Fortress' Home at $18M

Anjelica Huston selling her Venice, Calif.
Anjelica Huston selling her Venice, Calif.

Anjelica Huston once referred to it as "The Fortress." Now the"Addams Family" actress' Venice, Calif. home -- designed by her late husband, sculptor Robert Graham, and his son -- might come up with a more homey-sounding name for the imposing compound, which has been on the market at $18 million since May. Situated on Windward Avenue at a busy intersection, and a very familiar landmark to those in the beachside neighborhood, the house actually has a lot space behind its high walls, including a pool and a separate studio. Originally, Huston kept the listing quiet, not even posting it on the Multiple Listing Service; but now it's out there for anyone to consider. The only question now is whether the walls of the fortress will guard against price drops? [Check out the interior photos by clicking on "Full Story" below.]

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