5 Best Photo Opportunities in Tulsa

Photo Opportunities Tulsa
Photo Opportunities Tulsa

Lee Van Grack

Like Los Angeles, Miami and New York City, Tulsa is a city rich in Art Deco architecture. Obviously then, some of the best photo ops in Tulsa include historic buildings hailing from the heyday of the 1920s and 1930s. Many of these are public buildings located on South Boston Avenue, including the 1929 Boston Avenue Methodist Church (1301 S. Boston Ave.), the 1931 Tulsa Union Depot (3 S. Boston Ave.), and the 1931 Philcade Building (511 S. Boston Ave.). A number of other attractive Art Deco homes are scattered around the city, but perhaps Tulsa's most famous private residence is Westhope (3704 S. Birmingham Ave.), designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1929.

If you're looking for good photo opportunities, Tulsa has more to offer than beautiful architecture. The city has a huge amount of green space: parks, trails, gardens and arboretums are plentiful, making Tulsa a scenic destination indeed.

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