Zynga Seattle could bring Zynga closer with Microsoft and Nintendo


Zynga recently posted some job openings on their website referring to an office in Seattle that is yet to exist, meaning that they're planning to expand their reach into the Northwest world of gaming, which the company confirmed. According to the FarmVille creator's website, the company is putting together, "a world-class team of web engineers in Seattle! We are hiring at all levels from associate engineers to architects."

Aside from creating yet another ragtag team of code junkies (which Zynga seems to be on a roll with), what else could Zynga be up to and, more importantly, why Seattle? Well, two of the most popular video game publishers in the world both have stationed their American headquarters in Redmond, Wash.: Nintendo and Microsoft. And considering Zynga is expected to make nearly as much money in its 2-year-old infancy as Nintendo did just four years ago, they probably would like to have a few talks.

If some type of alliance were to take place, the preemptively-named Zynga Seattle could help Nintendo's online presence immensely. And it's not as if is Zynga is above this strategy. As for Microsoft, they seem to already have a relationship with the company on some level. Not to mention it's been rumored that the center of Silicon Valley could take a bite of the social games market in 2011. Zynga is worth entirely too much to consider buying on the whole, but what about subsidizing one studio? It's all that Microsoft would need to help launch some social game marketing for its Halo franchise.

Think about it. With the way things are going, these guys are going to need someone experienced if social game branding is to take off and become profitable. Who better qualified than the company who developed the face of the industry?

[Via Venture Beat]

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