What is Bosses Day?

Bosses Day is coming up on October 16th and if you're looking at your desk calendar wondering what exactly that means you're not alone. But no worries, we're here to help with everything you need to know about Bosses Day including what it is, how it got started, and the best ways to show your boss you care.

What is Bosses Day?

Everyone has a boss in some form or another and although bosses have the power to ruin your weekend, make your career, and induce a cold sweat just by calling your name, underneath that big ominous cloud of authority they're regular people like everyone else. Started by a State Farm employee named Patricia Bays Haroski back in 1958 "Boss's Day" is exactly what it sounds like: an opportunity to thank your boss for all the wonderful 'bossing' they've done over the past year. Boss's Day serves as a helpful reminder that being in charge isn't easy and those that do it with grace and wisdom deserve a thank you.

Why celebrate it?

As one of the most controversial "Hallmark holidays" there are plenty of excuses to resist celebrating Bosses Day but what about all the great reasons to embrace it? Doing something nice for your head honcho on Bosses Day will not only make them feel good but believe it or not you could benefit too. Here are a few ways celebrating Bosses Day can be good for everyone.

  • Giving a gift or making a thoughtful gesture can give you some much needed face-time with the boss and help build your relationship in a positive direction.
  • Celebrating Bosses Day will encourage you to focus on your boss's good side instead of always dwelling on the bad.
  • Bosses that feel appreciated are generally happier and easier to work with.

How can I make the best impression?

So now that you know the what and the why of Bosses Day how does it translate to real-life? Every boss-employee relationship is different but these tips will help you make a good impression no matter the dynamic.

  • Be sincere Avoid coming off as either a brown noser or a cold fish by finding qualities you genuinely like about your boss and keeping them in mind when choosing and presenting your gift.
  • Keep it small and simple You don't have to spend a lot of money (it's actually better if you don't) to get your point across. A thoughtful card paired with a small item or gift certificate will let them know you care while avoiding any potential awkwardness.
  • Make it personal Don't go overboard and delve too deeply into your boss's personal life (you don't want to creep them out) but a gift relating to a favorite hobby, restaurant, or something useful for their day-to-day office life will show you're paying attention and is sure to be appreciated.
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