Economic Recovery: It Looks, Feels, and Grows like a Recession

economic recoveryThis economic recovery "looks like recession." That's the headline in The New York Times.

For once, the media might not be trying to scare you. Instead you should be appropriately alarmed. For instance, this is shaping up to be an era in which economists predict it will take nine years for the jobs to return that were lost in the last two. Count to 13 for housing prices to get back to the peak many owners had paid for them. Slow growth could well be the new normal, at least in the United States.

But there are three ways to grab back control of your earning power.

1. Seek your fortune in emerging economies India or China. More frank career experts are recommending bailing out of the U.S. economy and heading overseas for opportunities. For instance, the elite are hiring Chinese nannies to teach their little ones Mandarin.

2. Envision a product or service that's not on anyone's radar yet, and make it happen. That's exactly what Mark Zuckerberg did to create Facebook. This is right-brain or out-of-the-box entrepreneurism. In his book 'A Whole New Mind,' Daniel Pink discusses how that trumps outsourcing, a lousy economy and more.

3. Get out of a decaying industry, company, or job. Through temporary jobs and small businesses, try on new roles. You might turn out to be a genius in at least one of them -- and that's all you need to become financially secure.

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