PetVille Halloween Theme decorations take your pets Trick-or-Treating

PetVille Shocker and Necro-Dancer
Zynga's zest for Halloween seems to know no bounds as its games keep pumping out the cutest spookiest stuff around and it's time for PetVille's second pass. We first saw the new, mix-and-match Halloween costumes for our pets to get dolled up in, but now it's time to give them somewhere to parade around in on the big night.

This update, found in the Lawn and Garden store, comes with a slew of new decorations and characters to collect, the best of which obviously being "Shocker" and the Necro-Dancer. In an homage to the greatest Halloween song ever written, Shocker, for 105 Pet Cash (about $8), will prance around your yard in an expectantly familiar red leather outfit (I guess it's not too soon after all) as his face transforms between human and zombie. The Necro-Dancer, for just 48 Pet Cash or around $4, will essentially follow suit. I guess everyone could use a back-up dancer.

Check behind the break for the rest of this limited-time collection.
PetVille Halloween Collection
Hanging Ghoul, Spooky Tree, The Raven, Spider Web, Jack-o-Lantern Lantern (left to right)

PetVille Halloween Collection
Neighbor's House, Webby, Rooftop Witch, Spider's Web, Unicorn Trick-or-Treater (left to right)

PetVille Halloween Collection
Hanging Skeleton, Rooftop Demon Fox, Pumpkin Lights, Ghost Town Sign,
Upright Coffin (left to right)

PetVille Halloween Collection
Rooftop Spectre, Skull Door Knocker, Porch Jack-o-Lantern, Pumpkin Trick-or-Treater,
Beware of Igor Sign (left to right)

PetVille Halloween Collection
Jacky Jack-o-Lantern, Hanging Ghost, Ghostly Road Signs (left to right)

PetVille Halloween Collection
Little Ninja and Patty's Hearse (left to right)

PetVille Halloween Collection
Cardboard Robot, Jack-o-Lantern Scarecrow, Jared Jack-o-Lantern,
Spooky Streetlight, Jeffrey Jack-o-Lantern (left to right)

What do you think of these new Halloween-themed items? What other Halloween parody items can you come up with. Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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