Nintendo claims 'no connection between social games and DS games,' someone sounds scared

Number of Nintendo DS games bought by DS players and those that play both DS and social games
Number of Nintendo DS games bought by DS players and those that play both DS and social games

In a recent attempt to calm the nerves of investors, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata provided detailed infographics defending his claim that there is no connection between the sales of Nintendo DS games and the proliferation of social games. The infographics seem to prove that social gaming has not affected Nintendo DS game sales negatively, going so far as to prove that those who play social games like Zynga's FarmVille actually buy more Nintendo DS games by a small percentage.

However, the data used to compile this information was gathered only in Tokyo and Osaka. So, what about the American market where it's been discovered that two in every five gamers is a social gamer? While Japan is also witness to a burgeoning social games market, it's nothing compared to that of the U.S. where Zynga, its flagship company, is expected to be worth more than $5 billion.

It can't be said for sure why Nintendo of America didn't conduct a similar study, but we can imagine they've already seen some of the numbers. Though is this really a cause for concern for Nintendo and its investors? Only if the head of the Mushroom Kingdom resists. Why fight it (or be scared, for that matter) when you're in prime position to create impressive cash cows Facebook games with Nintendo character branding? Zynga's move into Seattle could be a blessing in disguise for Nintendo.

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