Hers and hers and his: Three's Company money advice

three's companyCome and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you .... oh, uh, sorry, I just returned from a trip to a sitcom back in time to bring you timely financial advice. Some of the cast from Three's Company (1977-84), which featured one dude scandalously living with two chicks, appeared at the recent New York Comic Con to sign autographs and be gently arm-twisted by this WalletPopper to give money-saving tips.

Said Joyce DeWitt, who played the wholesome Janet: "I call myself the baggie queen because I use Ziploc baggies over and over until they literally shred."

Priscilla Barnes, who played the resident hottie Terri in the post-Suzanne Somers era, told WalletPop she shops at Asian supermarkets, where prices are often lower and the quality of goods is higher. She said she gets all of her seafood at 99 Ranch Market, a California-based chain that carries products from across Asia.

Richard Kline, who played the horny scammer Larry, a pal of Jack (the late John Ritter), came up with several ideas: Save 10% of your income every year. That piece of advice was inspired, in part, by Kline's next recommendation, to read The Richest Man in Babylon, the 1926 self-help book by George Samuel Clason that uses stories from ancient Babylon to teach lessons about accumulating wealth. Much of the content rings true today: Save a percentage of what you make. Keep an eye out for crooked brokers. Treat real estate as an investment. Dig your gig because it's easier to make money doing what you love and are good at.

Kline also had one very 21st century tidbit to share: "Use one and only one credit card."

Hey, gang, what about getting roommates to save on rent?
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