Happy Pets' Feeling Lucky game gives a chance at super rare stuff

Happy Pets Feeling Lucky game
Happy Pets Feeling Lucky game

Clint Eastwood would be proud of CrowdStar's newest feature to grace Happy Pets, the Feeling Lucky game. This new feature is somewhat similar to FarmVille's Mystery Game and Social City'sDisney item games, but with better prizes and higher stakes.

The first prize box opened costs 20 Facebook Credits ($2) while any box afterward costs 10 Facebook Credits, or a dollar for you smartypants out there, and have a chance of scoring you rare items. However, every box opened increases your chances of receiving the first item, the Green Morpho Butterfly, again, forcing you to start at square one.The Feeling Lucky game wouldn't sound so enticing if not for showing you the pets and items you could win within each box (including the grand prize, a Love Idol and a Giant Red Chameleon). Not to mention the potential savings on these rare items you could take advantage of if you're that lucky.

Keep in mind that is all in good fun and that if you truly want something like the Love Idol, it's probably best just to save up for it rather than possibly spend more than its steep $39.80 price tag. So, are you feeling lucky... punk--Bah, I can't finish it out of respect for the guy.

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