Zynga Giveaway: Win a free FarmVille T-Shirt

farmville t shirt
Update: This contest has ended. Head to Blog.Games.com or our Facebook fanpage for more awesome giveaways.

We're kicking off the holiday season a little earlier this year by giving away a bunch of free stuff. We have all kinds of cool swag and we aim to give it all away to our readers. Everyone is eligible to get free prizes so continue reading to find out how you can enter to win.

This is just the first in a number of free giveaways, so we thought it best to kick it off with a trendy FarmVille T-Shirt. The shirt is 100 percent cotton and a Men's Small from American Apparel. Displayed across the chest is the FarmVille logo with a wreckless sheep speeding by on an out of control tractor (pictured above).

Continue reading to enter for the free t-shirt.
farmville t shirt
To enter:

Step 1: Go to the Games.com Facebook fanpage (http://www.facebook.com/gamescom).

Step 2: 'Like' the fanpage so you can see Facebook game news, tips, and cheats.

Step 3:
Enter the giveaway by leaving a comment on the fanpage, telling us what your most prized FarmVille item is.
(My most prized FarmVille item is my withered Limited Edition Nachos that are no longer available in the market.)

After a few days, we'll randomly select a winner, message them on Facebook for their address, and send them their free prize. Sound easy enough?

Get started by heading to the Games.com fanpage to enter for a free FarmVille T-Shirt.
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