FishVille Halloween Items: Turn your tank into a zombie-filled cemetery

FishVille Halloween Items
FishVille Halloween Items

If the thriller nights in PetVille weren't enough for you, Zynga has introduced four new Halloween-themed items to FishVille for your frightful enjoyment. We imagine this is only the first wave of decor to come in time for Halloween, but no guarantees. Unfortunately, all of these items cost Sand Dollars, so that will prove to be a barrier to entry for these cool decorations.

  • Zombie: 12 Sand Dollars (about $2.50), grants 3,600 XP

  • Wide Tombstone: 4 Sand Dollars (about $.80), grants 1,200 XP

  • Halloween Wallpaper: 10 Sand Dollars ($2)

  • Halloween Gravel: 5 Sand Dollars ($1)

Now that's not so bad, is it? For a zombie that erupts from the depths of your tank gravel to feed on your living fish, $2.50 isn't asking for much. Alright, it doesn't do all that, but a man can dream, can't he?

Will you be turning your tank into the next Night of the Living Dead set? What other zombified items would you like to see in-game? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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