FarmVille LE Halloween Decorations: Pumpkin Fountain, Scaredycrow, Mummy Gnome & Pumpkin Fence

farmville mummy gnomefarmville pumpkin fountainfarmville scaredy crowfarmville pumpkin fence
Continuing with the Halloween theme, FarmVille released several new Limited Edition decorations tonight including a Pumpkin Fountain, Scaredycrow, Mummy Gnome, and Pumpkin Fence.

All of these decorations can be purchased in the FarmVille Market during the next 14 days only. You may recognize them as previously unreleased items on FarmVille Freak. We think that all of the new Halloween limited edition items are an improvement over last year. Check out that Pumpkin Fountain! Zynga is really stepping up their artwork quality, would you agree?

farmville pumpkin fencefarmville mummy gnomefarmville pumpkin fountain
farmville scaredycrowFarmVille LE Halloween Decorations (Released October 12, 2010):

  • Pumpkin Fountain – 24 FV$
  • Scaredycrow -22 FV$
  • Mummy Gnome – 12 FV$
  • Pumpkin Fence – 5,000 Coins
This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.
What is your favorite Halloween decoration out of this bunch? Will you purchase them for your farm?

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