Cool Video Shows 747 Taking Swim

A cool new video shows a 747 going through standing water on a runway, at speeds of up to 50 knots.

The footage was shot by ABC News to demonstrate how Boeing engineers test a plane as part of the certification process – in this case a 747-8 cargo aircraft.

The jumbo jet gets wet in a giant pool the test team built on a runway, and filled with lots of water.

Andy Hammer, the 747-8 Flight Test Manager, says the idea of the "Water Spray" test is to see how the plane responds, "whether water actually gets ingested into the engines, because that would be bad."

Technicians paint a section of the plane with pink dye that comes off in water, so they can track where the water hits the body. They also look at what happens to the underbelly of the fuselage when it goes through the water.

The test is conducted several times at increasing speed, and yes, lots of splashing is involved.

It's an awesome site, and something to think about next time you fly on a rainy day.

Photo, Boeing
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