Black Friday: FAO Schwarz gets a new look, launches new line

FAO Schwarz new logoFans of the iconic toy retailer FAO Schwarz have reason for cheer this holiday season with 10 temporary, or "pop-up" stores opening in time for Black Friday and FAO Schwarz boutiques turning up inside all Toys R Us stores. And unlike last year, when the FAO Schwarz stores withing the stores closed after Christmas, these will remain as permanent features in Toys R Us locations.

The brand is getting an update as well with a new logo and new products under the FAO Schwarz label.

"We are proud to introduce the next evolution of FAO Schwarz, building on its storied history, while preserving the tradition that has defined this treasured brand for nearly 150 years," said Jerry Storch, chairman and CEO of Toys R Us (which acquired the FAO Schwarz brand in May 2009), in a statement. "For many, FAO Schwarz evokes fond memories, and this redesign will help bring the classic brand to a whole new generation of children."

A Toys R Us spokeswoman told WalletPop, that the logo has been updated to reflect a 150-year heritage and bring it forward to the next generation of fans. It's certainly not the first time the logo has been changed, but this does mark FAO Schwarz's return as a steady retail presence, albeit one within another brand.

There are new products to go along with the stores newest incarnation. There are new collectibles such as a Signature Holiday Ornament and the 2010 Collectible Bear, and an expanded line of branded products for the season, ranging in price from $3.99 to $799.99. Updated items from the FAO Schwarz "archive" include the Sleepy Time Teddies and the Big World Map.

In the true spirit of modernization, the retailer is also launching the Legendary Christmas Collection, available online only at There are approximately 200 unique gift items that the company describes as "extraordinary," including a $25,000 diamond Barbie Foosball Table by Bonzini.

And yes, it's FAO Schwarz, not Neiman Marcus.

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Black Friday: FAO Schwarz gets a new look, launches new line
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