Adversity: When Life Hands You Coal, Turn It Into a Gold Mine

coal mine


The 33 miners from Chile are emerging from their hell below the ground.

Some of them will transform the crisis into an earnings home run. There will be books, documentaries, and inspirational speeches on the lecture circuit.

Some will want to put the ordeal behind them.

And some will be horrified that anyone they knew would be willing to peddle adversity for profit.

None of these points of view is right or wrong. And they all demonstrate the very different ways that human beings look at and process crisis.

On a much smaller scale, that's happening above ground here in America, isn't it. You may have lost that good job. You paid way too much for your house and economists tell you it won't return to that value for about 13 years. Your children will either attend the local public university or not go to college, at least not right now.

No question, this is a crisis. But it could contain all the raw material for a whole fresh kind of success -- and adventure. After she had lost her bid for the White House, Hillary Clinton did a 180 in her approach to her career. Few would have predicted that she would have accepted a job from one-time nemesis Barack Obama or that it would be the position of secretary of state.

Adversity can simply be the investment required for a big professional shift.

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