Treasure Isle Baby Animal Boats: Adopt these adorable sailors for Energy boosts

Baby Animal Boats are here!
Baby Animal Boats are here!

Boy, Zynga sure knows how to bring on the cute. Thanks to a recent Treasure Isle update, you can now buy Baby Animal Boats from the store. For varying amounts of Isle Cash, these adorable animals at sea will boost your Energy permanently and give XP when purchased.

The Baby Bunnies and Baby Penguins both cost 65 Island Cash, or about $11, and give 3 max Energy and 390 XP. For 55 Island Cash ($10), you can have the Baby Foxes, Baby Meerkats or Baby Polar Bears, which all give 2 max Energy and 330 XP. Lastly, both the Baby Owl and the Gator Raft cost 45 Island Cash, or around $9, and give 1 max Energy and 270 XP.

All in all, not too shabby for a little cutey that gives you both Energy and XP, but we'd love to have the option to unlock these items through friend additions like the Backpack expansion. Hey, at least Island Cash bundles are 30 percent off as of this writing.

Which Baby Animal Boat will you be picking up? Would you like to see the friend addition unlock option more often and either way, when is it appropriate? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.