Support Breast Cancer Awareness in Playdom's My Vineyard

My Vineyard Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Playdom's game My Vineyard is giving players a chance to show their support and honor their loved ones and friends who have suffered from breast cancer. Several items that have already been released in the game have received a fresh coat of paint and a few revisions, such as the hanging of a pink ribbon upon the door of the buildable cottages. There is also a new item, the Pink Ribbon Sign with the message "Hope, Love, Cure" displayed for all to see. Here are the new pink items:

Pink Buildable Cottage
- 10,000 coins
Pink Picket Fence - 500 coins
Pink Picket Gate - 500 coins
Pink Ribbon Sign - 200 coins
Pink Streetlight - 5000 coins
Pink Umbrella - 6000 coins

Some players have made beautiful tributes to their lost family members and friends, which is truly touching. In a very gracious move by Playdom, none of these items require spending real life money, and they are all very affordable in coins. Kudos to My Vineyard for embracing a wonderful cause.
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