Starbucks coupon for $1 off VIA

Starbucks VIA coffee
Starbucks VIA coffee

Here is another Starbucks coupon for VIA instant coffee, this time for $1 off (excluding 3-packs) when you play a "match" game. Similar to the game Concentration, there are 16 tiles and your job is to find the matching pairs by turning over two at a time. You can play as many times as you want, printing one coupon for each game you finish.

I finished in 46 seconds; the record holder did it in 16. Fast! There is one coupon for the United States and one for Canada so make sure to print the correct coupon. VIA comes in eight flavors, including one decaf version (for lightweights like me).

Caveats: not valid with any other offers. One coupon per item purchased. Copies are not accepted.

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